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These are just a few of the companies we absolutely LOVE working with!

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420 Book society collaboration

We are honored and extremely excited to announce that Smoking Sanctuary is partnering with 420 Book Society to offer you a special discount to receive a unique new Cannabis inspired book each month, in addition to a few extra little goodies!!

— New Member’s, that’s you, are welcomed with a complete kit including the month’s current reading selection, a GoldLeaf Patient Journal, CannaSpace bookmark, pen, custom tote bag and other unique items. Each month after you will continue to receive a Cannabis themed book along with 2-3 unique finds. — 420 Book Society

*Membership includes free shipping within the continental United States and  $10.00 to Canada.

kromedome vapes

If you’re interested in trying out your very own e-nail, we could not recommend Kromedome Vapes enough! The quality of their products is impeccable and the customer service can’t be beat. If you’re interested in trying out the Lantern kit or even just getting yourself some new quality glass for the holidays, use our member exclusive discount code “SMOKINGSANCTUARY” to save 15% off your purchase!

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Stigma® is a lifestyle brand for the healthy and active cannabis community. A diverse group of people from all around the world who believe in shattering the "lazy stoner" stereotype. Active, productive, and successful members of society who use cannabis everyday to support our overall health and wellness. Together, we are educating others and helping redefine cannabis. I am honored to be a part of such a dedicated group of people who are breaking the stigma. Please use code Heather to save $$ on your next purchase of Stigma gear!