January Book of the Month

The first book I want to share is perfect for the end of January starting into February. 


This book is phenomenal. Once I started it, I literally could not put it down.. I had to force myself to take a break so that I could savour it just a little longer. Does anyone else do that with really good books? 

Don't Save Her is extremely empowering, especially in this day in age, where women are treated like property or called names like bitch and hoe where they should be treated and referred to as Queens and Goddesses.

Reading this, it felt like a guide for loving myself more. It was a realization for me that the facade I had searched for all my life wasn't really what I needed or wanted for that matter. 

I really loved how the writer spoke about and TO women, as well as men.  It was as if your best friend was talking to you in a way that you really needed to be spoken to in order to Wake up to your own potential. I urge you to take a look into this book! Want a sneak peak?

Thoughts of Erotica .JPG

Click on the short video below to hear an excerpt from the book. A Letter to a Goddess. 

Get your copy today and continue down the path of empowerment, Queens and Kings. Lets all step into our best lives in 2018.. 

Get your copy HERE

Don't Save Her by: Joe Brock