February Book of the Month

Thoughts of Erotica: Vol. 2 

Written by the same author who brought you Don't Save Her, this book is a little different, however I know you'll love it just the same, if not more.. 

valentinethoughts of erotica.JPG

I happened to stumble upon this enticingly erotic work of art just in time to share with all of you!  This book is a series of deliciously written, amazingly descriptive experiences between a man and his lover(s). The balance between dominance and submission in this book will send you over the edge of what you thought was erotic.  Is your relationship lacking?  This book will definitely give you some ideas on how to spice it up for sure. If nothing else, you'll absolutely need a fat blunt to calm yourself down after reading this gem! 

Thoughts of Erotica: Vol. 2 by: Joe Brock


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Perfect for Valentine's Day! 

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Written by: Smokey Yogini