Cannabis: A History

May Book of the Month

Cannabis: A History

by Martin Booth


WOW!  To be honest, with the website revival and life's changes in general, I'm only halfway through the wealth of information within the pages.  This book however, has sparked some interesting conversation around the stigma of cannabis and the names we use to refer to our dear friend. More on that on the blog later.

Cannabis A History.JPG

This book is jam packed with so much incredible information. You only Thought you knew cannabis, but within these pages is a plethora of knowledge.  Booth describes in colorful detail the global origins of the cannabis plant and how the early peoples of each region used it to enhance their daily lives.  He writes of how cannabis was used to leverage wars, and religion, how people used it as medicine and as ritual during burial ceremonies to usher the dead into the next life.  Its incredible to discover so much history cannabis has in our culture and beyond.  The many diverse uses and views of cannabis are thoroughly discussed within these pages.  If you're like me, and looking to get a better understanding of just how important one of the most useful plants in history has grown to be, other than just getting you stoned.. then please, check out this book.  It will be something I come back to again, and again, just to remind me of how far we've come, and how far we've yet to go. 

Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.” 
― Edmund Burke