Eastern Body Western Mind

September Book of the Month

Eastern Body Western Mind

by Anodea Judith


Chakras have always been an intriguing subject.  Spinning vortexes of energy centers within your body, how could you not be curious?! 

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Eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea Judith, is a great book, but not exactly an easy read. I would place it at the Masters level of college texts, as it’s packed with powerful citations backed by sound research.  This is not just a book to read, it is a 'work book' for healing the soul's wounds accumulated over a life time; learning how to live in a healthier, more balanced and self loving way.
The content is so tightly packed and so powerfully written that I found I had to take some time after reading each chapter to digest the information, considering how it might apply to my life experiences and traumas as I moved towards healing. What made this book stand out against the new age woo woo books, is because it dives deep into the connections of Western psychology and Eastern philosophy. This book is well worth the time investment and much less expensive than years of weekly therapy that never seem to “cure” you because if you are cured, the therapist looses a client. There is something powerful about yoga and Vedic philosophies. Once you release and let go of things in a healthy way, they don't return to haunt you, they are truly gone and you can proudly stand up to say, "I AM HEALED!"
This ONE BOOK, was more useful to me in helping to resolve my own internal issues than all the western psychology that has been offered to me combined in my life time. With this book, I was able to take my recovery into my own hands and heal in my own way.

I Highly encourage you to take some time to read this book. Take the time to mend those tender areas of your life so that you can shine your authentic light brighter and stronger for others to do the same. The ripple effect is Real, and once the healing begins, there’s no stopping us!

Have YOU read Eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea Judith? What do you think about taking your mind, body, & spiritual health into your own hands?