Interview with the Author : Joe Brock

It was an absolute honor to meet with such an amazing writer.  The way this man speaks to his audience is impeccable; truly a voice for all generations. 

With out further adieu, lets get into it..  

Make no mistake, life is a journey with no definitive destination.. The path to enlightenment does not end, instead it teaches you to embrace every single step of the journey until the day you take your last..  - Joe Brock

Smoking Sanctuary: "How long have you been writing?"

Joe: "I started writing poetry in high school, but I really started taking it seriously making it into a career in 2013 - ‘14."

SS: "Would you consider yourself a motivational speaker?"

Joe: "To a point, because I do incorporate the live streams and some live events. But no I wouldn’t use that title. I’m really just a writer, that’s all I ever really wanted to be; the greatest of authors."

SS: "What really inspired you to start writing?"

Joe: "Writing is very therapeutic for me, I started doing it for myself. And it was actually when I linked with another writer who encouraged me to put myself out there to help others. The thing you have to understand to be a good writer is that you can’t really give a fuck. Yeah, its hard, but the benefit of helping others coming to realizations to better themselves, really motivates me to keep helping others NOT be in the dark."

SS: "Of all your published works, how many of those are true?"

Joe: "Half night stand and lustful love are actually true stories, and the Thoughts of Erotica are, about 85% memories, but some are fantasies."

SS: "Any new books coming out this year?"

Joe: "Yes! I’ve actually got a new book in the works coming out later this year, I can’t tell you the title yet, but it’s gonna be good!"

SS: "Have you ever had a success story?"

Joe: "Oh yeah, I’ve gotten messages from people who’ve read my books and or y’know watched the lives or talking to me in a message about how my words completely changed their lives.. But honestly, they might listen to me, and take what I give them, but that’s all them, not me.  I don’t want credit for that. I’m more of a messenger, people should give themselves more credit."

SS: "I saw in one of your lives recently that you are thinking about incorporating photography in the “Thoughts of Erotica” series.. How is that working out for you?"

Joe: "Yes, I love the idea of having some tasteful black and white photography for the book series, the thing is that you can’t be offensive. I want it to be something that even prude people will say “Man that’s Hot!”"

SS: "As a writer myself, in order to get the creative juices flowing, I like to be in a clean space, have a cup of tea, a joint and maybe some crystals.. How do you get the creativity to write?"

Joe: "Chuckle* Just a Blunt and a clear space and good music. Smoking really gets my creative juices flowing. Even if i’m not writing and just smoking, it definitely helps me be creative. Cannabis helps me to let the energy flow."

SS: "What is your Cannabis of choice? What's your "go-to" when smoking?"

Joe: "I prefer Hybrid strains, I don’t want to be wildin' out too much, but then I also don’t want to go to sleep either. The Hybrid strains are a nice middle ground. I smoke blunts, I have a bong and vape. I smoke joints sometimes, but I prefer blunts. It’s the process of breaking the weed down, splittin’ the dutch.. It’s an art. “Oh ok, you smoke Dutch Masters?” Or Palmas whatever you call them. The blue pack."


Thank you again Joe for taking the time to speak with me.  Your words touch so many in such a positive way, we look forward to more gems from you soon! 

Written by: Smokey Yogini