Grateful Cannabis

"Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow."
- Melody Beattie

First of all, I truly want to thank you all for taking the time to connect and share why you're so thankful for Cannabis. So with out further adieu..  

I have terrible anxiousness! I've been that way since I was a kid. My mom took me to therapists for my anxiety attacks that would leave me gasping out a window for some cool air. They prescribed me med after med that left me feeling lethargic, and I would even be extremely drowsy throughout the day. I have anxiousness about walking inside a bank to talk to a teller, calling a dr. office to make an apt, or even just getting outside of my house sometimes is more complicated than it has to be. cannabis has helped me be a better and more patient human, wife, and mom! I was actually just in Disneyland the other day walking thru crowds watching my son take everything in and I couldn't help but think, I'm so glad for cannabis allowing me to calm my nerves and enjoy all these little moments 🙃✨ -@jxnnfr_

I am thankful for Cannabis because it allows for a level playing field in my mind. Instead of a constant roller-coaster of emotion, it's more like cruising down route 66; like doing a 180 in perspective, from chaos to understanding. When I'm elevated, it's easier to stay grounded in the moment, to not sweat the small stuff. With every puff, I am eternally grateful for this beautiful plant. - anonymous

Helps me relax, helps me go to sleep, everything is better I.e food, music, movies. Helps me ask some serious questions about life. Questions I would never be able to think of!!! And ultimately helps me be more open to writing music! Not that I need it to be creative but it helps understanding concepts for music. - @edgar

Ever since I started smoking, I've had no regrets and living a happier and more social lifestyle. - anonymous

It helped me have my two beautiful babies - @spidergirl0218

It helps me feel like myself - @laycas

It calms me down when the world is way too stressful - anonymous

I am thankful for cannabis because it keeps me sane!!!! Not only does it help me with my anxiety and stress, it is a natural medicine I can use to alleviate pain!  - @Layla Stone @stonedlayla

After being without a heartbeat for 10 minutes and yet living to tell about it, I was depressed as hell. Then tending a friend's farm I smelled the most beautiful aroma. In the garden I found cannabis! Thus, started my cannabis journey. I am grateful for cannabis because it allows me to live my best life. -The illegal stoner mom.

I am truly thankful for Cannabis because it gives me the courage and drive to succeed in my dreams, in my life, in my career, in love. I am thankful for cannabis because it helps me manage the intense neuralgia pain that can happen at any time.  I use cannabis in a multitude of ways including cooking with cannabis, using topicals, sublingual drops, patches, pills, smoking, dabbing, etc. I use cannabis as a way to help express the words that sometimes escape me otherwise. Cannabis opens my heart and my mind to a greater existence and a more positive outlook on life.  Cannabis helps me dive deeper into my yoga & meditation practice and so much more. For these reasons and a zillion additional ones, I am thankful, Grateful for cannabis! - Queen Alexandar @smokey.yogini

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