Valentine's Day Treats for your Cannabis Loving Sweety

Ahh.. The month of Love, and with the culminating moment happening in a little less than a week, we're here to help you make it a day to remember for your Cannabis Loving Sweety! 

Black Cherry CBD Chocolate Incredibles bar

The Black Cherry CBD Incredibles Bar combines rich milk chocolate with decadent dried cherries and is available in several strengths for medical and recreational dosing.  This one is a house favorite. The cool thing about Incredibles bars is that each batch of incredible bars are triple-tested for quality and dosing assurance.  They develop and produce all of their bars in-house using sustainably-sourced oil processed through their proprietary method. Incredibles are gluten free and non-GMO.


Privy Peach CBD Infused Personal Lubricant

For those of you who are a little more adventurous, we found THIS!  Privy Peach CBD Infused Personal Lubricant will help stimulate your body's own lubrication, increase circulation, and alleviate any present discomfort. This lubricant helps you relax and enjoy sex as it is intended. 


Ganja Goddess Statement Necklace from Blunted Objects

Treat your Goddess with a little gold this holiday.  Glittery treats that keep giving are such a great idea, especially if it includes Cannabis!  Blunted Objects Ganja Goddess statement necklace is sure to put that little sparkle in her eye and a sexy glow upon her neck.  Say it loud, slay it proud.  This necklace featuring big leafy greens will elevate you to another level.  Handmade in Los Angeles.


Cannabis Gift Box

These last two ideas are probably our favorite gifts for Valentine's Day just because you can really personalize them for your sweety.  A clever treat that's perfect for your cannabis-loving lover.  They'll definitely adore a romantic gift box filled with flower handpicked with love. We’re into the idea of repurposing a heart-shaped truffle box for this particular gift.


Valentine's Day munchie basket

If you’re planning on smoking, vaping, or enjoying edibles together on V-Day, you’re going to want something to munch on as the effects set in.  Cuddle up together with a good movie and a big bowl of snacks — we recommend skipping the grubby-orange-finger-inducing snacks and splurging on something a bit more Refined for February 14th.  Savory favorites include rosemary crackers and a round of brie, salami, or fancy hummus and pita chips, while sweet suggestions include sugary-salty kettle corn, juicy sliced pairs, or honey-roasted marcona almonds.  And whether you go with savory or sweet, nothing goes further than remembering your sweety’s favorite treats!