Spring is in the Air!

Spring time is a magical time of year when all the life which was dormant over the winter starts to slowly wake up from a long slumber.  The flowers are beginning to bloom, the days are becoming warmer.. and the scent of vacation is wafting intensely. 

We are definitely planning some adventures here at Smoking Sanctuary.  Some adventures will be small, such as a trip to that one store that has all those weird looking foods.. lets try some!  Some adventures will be BIG, like traveling into the wilderness to hike to the top of a mountain and burn down.  We are excited to see what thrills Colorado has to offer.. so far we are hearing GOOD things!


Some of our favorite strains for Spring-time adventuring are :

Golden Goat - Which will give you an uplifting, energetic feeling, perfect for an exciting afternoon!

Strawberry Cough - A house favorite, the fruity aroma really puts us in a mood for fun! This strain offers eurphoric effects!

Anything Diesel! The effects from a diesel blend will leave you feeling uplifted and ready to kick the winter blues in no time! 

I do want to say however, for those of you who follow the stars and align yourself with them.. Mercury will be going retrograde March 22.  Mercury Retrograde can cause hiccups with travel and communication so be sure that you are prepared with everything you need, and have the willingness to stay calm and centered through any faux pas that may come up.  We will be sharing more about how Cannabis can help with this retrograde later on in the month - so stay tuned!