5 Tips for Having the Ultimate 420

420 guide for the ladies

It's that time of year again! Gather your girlfriends around for a little elevated sisterhood circle time.

5 Fun Ideas for Sparking Up your 420:

1. Have friends over for a 420 friendly dinner party.

There's nothing like a good potluck with good friends. Have your friends bring their favorite strain, a bottle of wine, or their signature dish. It's always more fun and less stressful when everyone pitches in and brings what they want to to the table.

As a host, you're providing the space and can choose to create other munchies, extra drinks, bud, and the playlists.

Planning doesn't need to be stressful. Just create a list of people in a FB event and let them know the details, what to bring, etc. Boom. You're done and you've officially brought the party to you.

2. Get out to enjoy some live music and enjoy some good vibes.

I don't know about you, but I love live music and feeling free and expansive. Depending on where you live, you can bring your high with you.

There are tons of events, shows, and concerts on this day wherever you're located. I would recommend checking out a do"yourcity" site (ex. do303.com, dola.com, etc.). Also there's songkick, Spotify, or bandsintown.

3. Try a yoga class or workout before you hit the vape.

Whether you've never stepped into a studio or you're a certified teacher, I recommend hitting up a class and getting your body primed for feeling amazing.

In yoga, you connect your breath, body, and spirit. You'll feel recharged, zen, and clear. This simple step will set you up for an awesome rest of your day so you don't feel tired, sluggish, or heavy.

*Lifehack: Most yoga studios offer a free week of classes to new students as well!

4. 420 vibe clearing and cleaning.

Charge your crystals, get rid of old clutter, clothes or things you don't need. This may sound odd or silly, but when you physically clear your space, you also energetically lighten it.

When you release old crap that brings down your vibe, you instantly uplevel your frequency and are making room for better things to take its space.

I'd recommend doing this especially if you're entertaining.

5. Try a new CBD or edible recipe.

CBD is legal in most states and can be purchased online. CBD is derived from the hemp seed oil and stands for cannabidiol.

Why CBD?

CBD is the most therapeutic and naturally healing form of cannabis. You're not going to feel stoned or intoxicated here. The goal is pain relief and feeling more relaxed.

Some benefits include:

  • reducing chronic pain

  • limiting epileptic seizures

  • reducing inflammation

  • reducing anxiety

  • aiding in rheumatoid arthritis treatment

  • reducing nausea

  • depression treatment

  • lessening inflammatory bowel disease symptoms

  • helping with insomnia

  • reducing psoriasis

  • lower risk of diabetes

24 Proven CBD Oil Benefits & Effects (Cannabidiol)

You can use CBD products ranging from edibles to beauty products.

What's your idea of a perfect 420? We'd love to know!

Written by: Lauren Marie