Are You Summer Travel Ready?

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Travel takes a bit of planning to ensure things go off with out a hitch.  Flights and hotels are generally less expensive when purchased in advance.  Do your research about the area you're traveling to, that way you know what to expect and what to wear.. for the most part.  Keep reading to see how easy it can be to get ready for your summer adventures.


I love traveling! It started from an early age, my family didn't have a lot when we were growing up, but darned if we didn't explore the countryside.  It's been said,  "Travel is the only thing you spend money on that makes you richer."  I wholeheartedly believe this to be true.  The experience of infusing yourself some place new, even for a moment, can oftentimes be life changing.  To that we say,  "Seize the day!" and if you are feeling called to take that trip to Bali, by all means, make it happen for yourself girl.  

"Travel while you're young and able. Don't worry about the money, just make it work. Experience is far more valuable that money will ever be."  

A few things to remember while traveling :  


Don't forget the essentials

Ensure you have your ID, phone, wallet, keys - check!

  1. Don't forget the essentials

  2. Have a plan 

  3. keep your cool

  4. cannabis helps

1. Don't Forget The Essentials : Ensure you have your ID/passport, phone, wallet, keys - check!These are the vital essentials to have while traveling, especially if anything changes suddenly! Stay ready. If possible get a cute fanny pack or backpack to hold all your stuff. Because if you're like me, you'll need lip balm and your trusty vape pen. 


Have a Plan

2. Have A Plan : Whether you're going on a relaxing weekend retreat, or on a busy touristic excursion it's good to have a highlights section of some good places to BE SURE to go or not!  If you plan on doing nothing but relaxing from head to toe, then ALLOW it to happen, don't worry about anything else but complete self love.   


Keep your cool

3. Keep Your Cool : Plans will inevitably change, they always do. Whether it be bad weather, or lost luggage, just be ready if and or when it happens.  Especially with Uranus now in our midst for the next several years (thats another subject) we need to be ready and able to remain adaptable to the situation as it changes. 

4. Cannabis Helps : in all ways. There are lots of wonderful ways to micro-dose with cannabis.  Edibles are a great way to start small as each dose is already labeled with the amount of THC.  You can take a few tokes from a vape pen or a few puffs from the joint to get your head right so that you can truly enjoy the experience of travel.  Ideally if you can bring or purchase a few different strains of cannabis to get you both pumped to take on a new city and relax when its time to get some shut eye thats the best option!  We know cannabis isn't quite legal everywhere, so be safe where you are and take a toke for mental sanity any time you feel its necessary, we support you. 


What are your summer plans? 

Will you be traveling across country or across oceans?

Let us know in the comments below!