Crystals & Cannabis

Crystals are exquisite and pulse with a healing life force,

but how can we integrate that vibrant energy into our cannabis?

Photo courtesy prairie_moon_herbs via Instagram

Photo courtesy prairie_moon_herbs via Instagram

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been into crystals. In fact, my sister still tells me stories to this day of how I used to bring her little crystals from our garden in an effort to try to heal her whenever she was sick.  As I grew older though, my fascination with crystals grew with it and I can attest to first hand knowledge of their healing abilities! 

I rather enjoy cleansing & charging up my cannabis with my crystals. I believe this is a vital step in beginning to understand and direct the subtle energies around us. Taking time to perceive how that same energy can effect us, and how the unity of cannabis and crystals can help elevate our vibes, is easily a topic I can talk about all day. I almost always cleanse my herb, 🌿 especially when I’m trying a new strain or maybe just purchased from a not-so-pleasant bud-tender. Hey, bad days happen, we get it, but that doesn’t mean we want that funk inter-mingling with our center and peace. No offense, but you should think about cleansing yourself more often, if you haven’t started already. Everything can cause interference and subtle energy is abundant, but if you’re not aware, you could get caught up in some vexatious energy.

crystals pictured : selenite tower, rainbow obsidian, & trichomes

crystals pictured : selenite tower, rainbow obsidian, & trichomes

To cleanse, I simple place my weed in a clean, attractive, air tight jar and nestle amongst my selenite towers. Few other crystals have the ability to effortlessly remove unwanted energies than selenite. It combines the soothing effects of moonstone with the energy shifting properties of crystals with parallel striations (this is the striped texture of selenite). The amount of time you cleanse or charge your dank depends, so take some time to intuitively sense the subtle energies of the cannabis. If your crystals are already cleansed and ready to go, the timing will be significantly less maybe around five minutes or so. Which is plenty of time to get yourself a nice refreshing beverage and find a little sanctuary space to blaze up. You don’t need a bunch of crystals to do this, in fact a single clear quartz crystal anywhere within the aura of your cannabis will also help to bring balance.

Stones that are clear or white in color have the ability to bring clarity and purity to the aura. This makes them very useful healing tools. Black or other dark colored stones help to protect and integrate the healing that has taken place so that we can feel the practical effects of this process. They help to strengthen and stabilize our fundamental energies. At any given time, I have either a smokey quartz, or clear quartz on my person.

Charging your cannabis with crystals is quite similar to cleansing and is all about the intention you are setting for the crystals to do their work, plus it’s fun to try changing the types of crystals to effect different moods or feelings. Perhaps you’re smoking to create or focus on achieving something, then try carnelian, it keeps you motivated, inspired and confident. Maybe you’ve been in so much pain lately that all you can think about is smoking a joint and soaking in a nice hot bath. Clear quartz is known as the ‘Master Healer’ and can heal issues at the physical, mental, emotional or soul level. There’s a crystal for everything!

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