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DI(HIGH) Hair Removal

Summer is almost over, and you know what they say, "Sun's out Buns Out!"

But in all seriousness, if your going to bare some skin, you may be thinking, "well what about all this fuzz?!  Keep reading to find a few all natural tips and tricks to keeping summer stubble to a minimum & your own self care routine enhanced just a bit more! 

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My Morning Ritual

I generally start with a few puffs of an organic raw paper joint and just breathe.  Puff and breathe, puff and breathe, the more I allow the smoke to fill my lungs the more at ease my body becomes - ready to begin the warm up and stretch out thats coming soon.  Just a few puffs more, and I begin asana.  I generally start with a few sun salutations to warm up and gradually build to more advanced practice as the flow continues on. 

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