How do you prefer your Cannabis?

With the Legalization of Cannabis in many states and growing, we now have choices on HOW we want to consume this wonder plant.  

Many "Old School" stoners still prefer spliffs, joints, and blunts. They claim it gives them more of a down to earth, almost spiritual feel.  The sensation of the flowers breaking up between their fingertips is something stoners have felt for generation after generation.  Rolling, licking, twisting up, using your favorite method to inhale smoke is and can become such a ritual that the "vibes" just aren't right if you don't have your smoking palace set up just right.  

But this remains true for smoking out of bongs, pipes, or rigs too.  The art of smoking is something that we all have come to love and admire.  It starts from the beginning.  From the moment we reach our dispensary, or seller of choice.  The dank aromas wafting through the air,  our heart starts to beat just a little faster.  We feel excitement, elation with the knowledge that we will soon be able to hold our precious in our hands.

We glaze through the store with our eyes glistening, scanning the selection of delights that could soon be ours.  Some bud stores have magnifying glasses which you may use to "inspect" the flower or concentrates, further increasing your desire for its potency and quality.  

Once we have made our choice, we head home to enjoy the bounty we have just acquired.  This is when the fun begins.  Now is the time to choose how we want to consume our Cannabis. 

We can grind it up, roll it up, or put it in a bong or pipe. Don't forget that dank fudge bar the cute budtender talked us into last minute.  What about those lovely concentrates? Shatter glistening in the sunlight, its amber glow reminding us that Amber truly is the color of our Energy.  Flip the switch for that E-nail and wait for the titanium to heat up, grab the lighter or torch.. its time. 

A quote from Star Trek comes to mind.. You know the one.