Lab 710 Concentrates

Hello Stoner Fam! 

Visiting the dispensary each week, we've created a great relationship with our budtender.    Darrell, our local bud-tender from Green Cross Caregivers in Denver, always suggests the best products!  This week he suggested we try Lab 710 Concentrates.  We chose a delicious Strawberry Cough Budder, which is a smooth and delicious sativa. 

I made sure to clean my rig before trying this out, and I'm really glad I did! The flavours in this delicious budder glazed through my lungs and into my body in the most splendid way.  Have you ever felt like a silky glossiness was poured all over and inside you after smoking - like every movement you made afterward was liquid?  This is the sensation I had after dabbing this immaculate concentrate.  Taste profiles were strong, slightly sweet and pungent, but very smooth.  You'll definitely be elevated with just one dab, but I went for two then hopped onto my yoga mat and melted into a flow of graceful movement. 

Ladies and Gents, I'm here to tell you this stuff is fantabulous!  Delicious flavours, amazing high. Especially if you want to feel it all in your body.  

See your local budtender and ask for Lab 710 Concentrates, you can thank me later.