Mahatma Kosher Honey

Have you ever been to the farmer's market early in the morning, when the air is still crisp and dew lingers on the leaves?  Walking through the isles to the raw honey master, the keeper of the bees, they open the jar, presenting a floral yet earthy sweet aroma..  The crumbles of honeycomb glistening back at you.. Then you take a taste. 

The feeling was so similar to my first raw honey master experience, and Mahatma really does have some fine Honey.  At first glance, the packaging is eye-catching to be sure, but once you begin reading the many awards Mahatma has collected over the years its easy to see why we chose them as our Concentrate of the Week! 


I would imagine this is what most people think Colorado live concentrate smell like.. with the ever so slightly pine essence mixed with a deep earthy sweetness.  The taste is even better than the aroma, and if you sprinkle this into a nice fat blunt it will definitely bring out a nectarous flavor.  Let us know what you think! 

Written by: Smokey Yogini