Grape Stomper

Or "Sour Grapes"

Is a Hybrid with a slightly heady feel but with a nice tingly body high. For me it really helps me with stress.  I like to smoke a joint of this before my yoga and meditation practice to center my head and give my body that "zen buzz" sensation.  I have also come to really enjoy the creative benefits of this strain, as it seems to lure out the magic within.  The aroma of this flower is soothing.  When I open the jar first thing in the morning to grind my Wake and Bake joint, I'm hit with a powerful diesel punch dripping with grapey sweetness.  It makes me want to have blueberry waffles honestly.  This strain is great for a wake and bake due to the positive head vibes.  This is a productive strain which has definitely helped me get my creative juices flowin'.  

Ideal Morning Routine : 

  • Wake and bake with this yummy flower
  • Coffee & Blueberry waffles 
  • Morning Manifestations*
  • Meditation
  • Yoga

... Enjoy the rest of my day ~ happy and vibin high! 

Stay Stoney My Friends ✌ 

See Recipe  HERE . 

See Recipe HERE