This heady sativa dominant strain will definitely leave you feeling vandersnooked..

Straight out of a Lewis Carrol book, we went through the rabbit hole

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So… I brought a few Jabberwocky joints to the Ganja yoga class that we went to on Sunday night, and honestly, I feel like that strain was my only saving grace, because I ended up getting a little too high, like kinda space cadet high! However, this little voice inside said, ‘spark up that doobie in your bag bro’.... So I did, and thank God I did because this strain took me from the level of being too high to just right high, and then I was able to actually enjoy myself that much more.  In my younger days, I would NEVER turn down cannabis, but as I’m getting a bit older, and hopefully a little wiser, I’ve learned to respect the herb. I don’t normally reach for more weed when I’m already super high, but my intuition was telling me that this was a good idea! I felt evened out, balanced, I actually felt normal. Still definitely lit, but not “so stoned I have no idea what’s going on” And it could’ve been because there was like five doobies passing around the group, and each of us had like three ready to go!! So imagine all that smoke, all that cannabis, and all the smiling faces, it was great! 

For me Jabberwocky is a strain that seems to balance my hyper activity with the sloth like nature that can be on the other end of the pendulum. It allows me to focus my brain on creative activities, and helps to keep my multitasking that much more organized. 

Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll.

Read by Heather Alexandar of Smoking Sanctuary

Have you tried Jabberwocky or even gotten a little too high? We’d love to hear your stories!