With the days inching closer to Halloween, we went to the dispensary in hopes of getting something ghoulish to tide us over until the 31st.

That’s when we saw it, Poltergeist!


When I first opened our jar of poltergeist, I was immediately struck by the powerful limonene terpenes. It was like a lemon sour patch kid  was spattered with the contents of diesel truck. However, it has a slightly sweet finishing note, which can also be detected when grinding up the flower. Pungent and lemony sweet with a rogue flair for theatrics, this strain had me tuned into the frequency of paranormal activity… stoners Beware… 

Each little nugget was fluffy and sticky to the touch, so straight into the grinder it went. I chose to partake in this hauntingly seductive strain with a clean pipe, as to get a fresh, unadulterated perspective on its essence. This 80/20 Sativa ranges upwards of 23% THC, and generally comes on quickly with escalating effects as I was soon to find out! 

After the first puff, I relished in the lemony flavor of poltergeist, that’s when I heard the door slam! I was immediately startled from my meditative introspection, and with wide eyes I got up and slowly, cautiously checked the lock on the front door.. It was unlocked. Had I simply been so excited to get home and try this new strain that I had forgotten to lock it after myself? As I stood in the entryway attempting to retrace my steps from earlier that evening, the wind picked up ferociously outside. The curtains whipping madly about, wind chimes singing proudly, suddenly the patio door flung itself open! Autumn leaves and icy cold wind and rain invaded the cozy sanctuary of my home. I ran across the house to close the door as quickly as I could, but the chill remained inside. After doing a quick check of all the windows and doors to ensure that everything was locked up tight, I settled in the great room next to the fireplace and cozied up under a blanket. Honestly, after the creepy occurrences, my high was definitely gone, so I loaded another bowl and drew the smoke deep into my lungs, this time blowing the pure white smoke in a circle around me reciting a protection spell just incase. The #420Weekly needed its weekly submission, so I set back to my original task. Poltergeist has an initial lemon balm type of flavor, with a slightly sweet aftertaste. Quite the refreshing essence, my mind and body felt amplified with magical electricity. My spirits lifted faintly as I neared the ending of writing my experience. “Good work, Heather!” The voice was so clear in my ear it was as if she was right next to me. This feeling of home encompassed me, I closed my eyes and turned my face in the direction of her voice. Half thinking I was crazy, half hopeful she’d be there when I opened my eyes, I took a chance. Through teary bleary eyes I saw her. My grandmother, staring back at me with her sparkling blue eyes smiling so proudly. I blinked hard to wash the tears from my eyes but she was already gone. The smell of peach cobbler in her wake, I looked at the bowl I had just smoked.. could all this be from the poltergeist?

This strain was truly other worldly. Have you tried Poltergeist? Does Cannabis elevate your senses? Share your experiences below!