East Coast Sour D

Just when I was feeling homesick, here comes one of my favorite strains


When we lived near Galveston, almost 5 years ago, we always got the dankest buds. It was tough because, y’know, weed is kind of illegal there! But we had the hook up through some friends and they almost always had East coast sour d. The skunky diesel aromas of this dense flower always put us in the mood for some beach time. Once time I remember it being pouring down raining, one of several tropical storms that summer, and we took a drive down the beach to watch the waves and play in the rain. This strain is really about reminiscence for me. The brain associates some smells with certain memories and East coast sour d always brings back the best memories for me. With it’s amazing stress relieving abilities, and energetic, happy effects it’s no wonder we had so many good times down on the beach.

Have you tried East coast sour diesel? What were your thoughts?

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