Newt Brother's Live Sugar Wax

GG #4 Live Sugar Wax

Liquid Gold..

When you build a relationship with the brand that you LOVE, its a beautiful thing.  Newt Brothers reached out to me personally to be sure that I tried their Live Sugar Wax, and I couldn't be MORE thankful!  I had never tried live sugar wax before and Wow!!!  First of all lets talk about the presence that this gem gives off.  Its literally liquid Gold.  

We produce Live Resin Extraction using only our own in house connoisseur quality flower. These beautiful plants are immediately frozen to fully preserve the plants intense terpene profile. This live resin maintains a beautiful golden color and gooey to crumbly texture.   
-Newt Brothers Artisanal

After my first rip of GG #4, I honestly was blown away by the milky clouds..  I always set my Cyclone to 600 degrees F and this temp seemed to really be great for bringing out the best from the wax.  The flavor was so smooth and the high - instant!  With such a buzz I started writing the review and editing the video right away..  Now looking at the clock its only been an hour and a half and I have to say the creativity that GG #4 pumped outta me is quite impressive.  Thanks Newt Brothers for keeping us here at Smoking Sanctuary in the loop in all the latest drops to our local dispensary!

If you're in Colorado, be sure you ask your local dispensary for Newt Brothers Artisanal and taste Liquid Gold for Yourself!!!

Written by: Smokey Yogini