CITRIX Live Sugar

Oranges and Lemons and Grapefruits, Oh my!  The uplifting aromas of this citrusy sugar is powerful to say the least.. 

Upon unscrewing the cap off the small glass jar to reveal the treasure inside.. its literally glowing at me from inside..

Now, it could be because the light was hitting it just right.. or it literally has some serious life-force energy in there guys!  I don't know if it's just me or if you may have noticed this too, but live concentrate has a different "energy" to it.  It definitely keeps the terps strong as you can really smell and taste the citrusy flavors and aromas.  

Newt Brothers Artisanal is quickly becoming a staple in our home, especially because the quality is top notch and the business is super friendly!  One of my favorite things about this company is that they are committed to continually employing new technologies to help reduce the their impact on the environment. Advancements in lighting, heating and cooling alone have dramatically reduced the facilities energy consumption. 

Written by: Smokey Yogini