Green Dragon's Lair

Exclusive Invite back to the Magic Castle that is Newt Brothers Grow|Processing Facility. 

This time our senses were blessed with the cannabis plants themselves!  

To be honest, the day we went to see our friends at the Magic Castle, we had just gotten some rough news.  The girls, however, greeted us with cool vibes and plenty of uplifting aromas to swiftly and irrevocably rearrange our thinking. 

First stop on our exclusive tour, was the clone room.  We were able to see the babies that will soon grow up to flower some of the dankest buds, this side of the Rocky Mountains.  Since the Brothers are now creating Golden Newt Caviar, this is all the more reason to grow some top quality flower.  It was neat to see the beginning stages of the lifecycle of the cannabis plant. The amount of white hairy roots growing from these babies almost looked like a mop top!

greendragons lairIMG_5718.JPG

We then found our way into the veg room. This room is where the ladies come to grow up.  They are fed and watered and kept in a clean room facility to ensure they aren't contaminated by foreign microbes, in fact the entire facility is a clean facility with HEPA filters Everywhere! We actually had to wear full body jumpsuits and little cotton booties to cover our shoes.  This is how Newt Brothers are able to provide such high quality products.  We saw so many different strains of cannabis from Donkey Budder, to Alien Crack, to Rocky Mountain Black Fire!  The room is rather large able to fit several racks of plants stacked two deep on top of each other.  After I gathered all my faculties we headed into the grow room... ladies and gentlemen.. this is where the magic happens. 

Upon entering the grow room, the entire warehouse sized room was bathed in green light. The ladies were already asleep by 4:30 PM.  As we slowly made our way up to the girls.. I whispered hello.  We had to be careful not to touch, although all I wanted to do was shove my face in the plants and give them a kiss!  Its difficult to remain calm in a situation like this!!  The pure magic and energy of this room was palpable.  Several moving racks held upwards of 100 plants or more.. I honestly lost count, they were so bushy and large, they felt like sequoias to my 5 ft frame.  I casually asked Patrick (Chief Cultivator) if he sang to the plants.. He smiled and blushed a little, haha, we'll take that as a Yes!  Having a good relationship with the girls is imperative to them producing the highest quality buds.  Newt Brothers has started creating Golden Newt Caviar!  They create these small batches of caviar with only top quality, hand selected nugs from their in house flower.  Golden Newt Caviar starts with the highest quality flower grown in their cleanroom grow facility. They infuse their beautiful flower with fresh frozen live concentrates, and finish this delicacy off with only the highest grade dry sifted trichome heads, sifted from their in house flower.  Sounds amazing right?! 

greendragons lairIMG_5717.JPG

After we drooled all over the floor in the grow room, (JK, or am I?!) we made our way into the processing room.  The Newt Brothers were so kind as to invite me on the day they were pouring their delectable concentrates that will soon make crystals and sauce.  In a specialized combustion-proof room, wearing all kinds of safety gear, Patrick proceeded to dismantle their state of the art production equipment to pour out liquid gold right before our very eyes.  He then carefully poured the prized auric mixture into sterilized jars to settle and grow those beloved crystals and the terpy sauce that's all the craze these days.  It was really neat to see the scientific aspect of this process. The liquid butane is actually really cold but it looks like its boiling and contact with it can actually cause frostbite!  Once settled, he then begins to "burp" the jars, a slow gentle process that lets out the remaining butane to ensure clean meds.  Which looked similar to what mom does when she's canning veggies and jams.  Fully "burped" the saucy mixture was then transferred to a place where it will be undisturbed to grow "Crystals."   

The extreme care and passion that goes into the Newt Brothers grow - that eventually turns into their prized concentrates can't be matched.  They have proven over and over again that hard work and love for what you do will take you places and win awards!  Be sure you check out the whole product line of Newt Brothers Artisanal concentrates.  If you call yourself a connoisseur, then you should be smokin' on the Gold from Newt Brothers.  Ask your budtender today for Newt Brothers Artisanal, you'll be glad you did. 

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