Batter up!

the terps in this Ghost OG Batter will knock your socks off


Our local dispensary, Green Cross Caregivers, recently suggested that we try the Ghost OG badder they made with Green Dot Labs extraction team.  The folks at Green Cross grow their own cannabis, and wanted to make sure to give Colorado residents access to delicious concentrates too, so they partnered with Green Dot to create some gas! 

Ghost OG BadderIMG_6118.JPG

When you can have your cake and eat it too.. 

Delicious Badder extracted by Green Dot Labs Boulder

When we opened the jar, we were literally punched in the face with some overwhelming terps.  The skunky nepetalactone funk of this power packed little jar, made the prettiest smoke clouds.  We dabbed this badder immediately, and thankfully our rig was cleaned beforehand, but still the taste was so delicious we may have taken several "taste tests" to, y'know, get the real flavors of the mixture!  The consistency was thick and creamy like cake batter and easily scooped up onto our wand for immediate consumption.  We used our Kromedome Cyclone and set our eNail temp for 600 degrees.  This allowed for maximum flavor retention as well as some nice, thick, milky clouds.  After taking a few dabs, we took a walk around the lake.  Our high moments included: spontaneous jokes, skipping, enhanced awareness (we saw so many different kinds of wildlife), and pretty much non-stop smiles and laughter. We are so glad our friends at Green Cross suggested we try out their new Ghost OG Badder processed by Green Dot. We think you should try some too! 

If you're in Denver and have a medical card, be sure you stop by Green Cross Caregivers and try their delicious concentrates! When you go, tell them Smoking Sanctuary sent you!