Ghost Hulk

This is the loud you've been waiting for


The pungent aromas and deep purple pigmentation on the outer leaves catch your eye immediately, & upon further inspection you see a healthy dusting of those sparkly trichomes we all love to gather at the bottom of our grinder for those extra special bowls! 


it's safe to say we've been feeling other-worldly lately.. with last weeks review of Ghost OG and now Ghost Hulk.. This family tree is some fire that really can't be beat!  


This dankness is super good for muscle soreness from hours of yoga practice, and the uplifting mood is perfect to perk me up after class.  Ghost Hulk is a yummy sativa cross between Bruce Banner, and Ghost OG.  

Ghost HulkIMG_1066.JPG

Do you ever get baked and just gaze at your weed?

Those hairs are rather long and luxurious.. 

With strong front notes of diesel and a slightly sweet, ever-so light berry finish, this weed is sure to get you in the right mind set for just about anything!  Microdosing is going to be important with this strain, as too much can lead to the dreaded couch-lock.  This is only bad if you're Not tryna Netflix and chill with some medicated canna-corn and your boo thang. To help us easily microdose, I roll us little bats, as in little baseball bats. This way, we can light up through out the day if we need a little pick me up.  Smoking Sanctuary is on summer vacation & will be going on a few adventures, (we will be sure to share) and getting our medicine is important for us to stay tip top shape for all the demands of our current work-load. Insert: attaining a second master's degree, building a business, attending yoga teacher training, meal prepping, and other daily chores and duties that are essential to a healthy lifestyle. 

Ghost Hulk really lives up to its name.  It comes on subtly like a ghost, but has some nice strong effects (remember microdosing!) like the Incredible Hulk - minus the green skin and purple pants! This strain is great for fatigue, depression, and insomnia, all while you with a relaxed, uplifted vibe. 

*Note: Drink lots of water with this one, it causes cotton mouth like a mofo


If you're in the Denver area and have a Medical Card, you should definitely go to Green Cross Caregivers like we did. They always have the dankest of buds and are always hookin' us up with the best new strains to share with you.  If you happen to go to Green Cross Caregivers tell them Smoking Sanctuary sent you!!!