Cherry Lime Haze

Cherries and limes were basically made for one another in my mind. Like pineapples on pizza, or gruyere and fig jam with prosciutto on a crostini. 


When I walked into a local dispensary, Frosted Leaf on Colfax in Denver, I was excited to see what they had to offer.  All the little samples of each strain were strategically placed on the center of 4 separate counter height pillars.  Although the dude helping me mentioned several times that he didn't smoke flower, I couldn't get him to tell me WHAT he was smoking on instead.. "I don't really smoke flower," he'd say. Then I'd be like, "Well, what DO you smoke then?" He never answered me.. With little help from the dude other than telling me the prices, I settled on Cherry Lime Haze, a delicious sativa dominant hybrid.  The crystal coated nugs smelled fresh and citrusy with a slight berry finish. I purchased my two little grams for $20 dollars, which the dude said was top shelf quality.  I've shopped at a few other places and this price per gram for recreational ganja was a little steep, but I figured what the heck, I get a free pipe for following them on Instagram, plus I'll get to review them too.. I love feeding two birds with one scone, so to speak.  The ladies working there were super nice and laid back, even reminding me and my friend about our free pipes and not to forget them! Thanks ladies!!  The store was clean and well kept, although the check out system through the online portal was cool and high tech, it took away from the personal connection I relish when purchasing medicine. But hey, thats just one girl's opinion. 

Cherry Lime HazeIMG_6703.JPG
Yes, I know my cuticles need help..

Yes, I know my cuticles need help..

When I loaded my new pipe, I noticed the bright lime green and contrasting purple coloring throughout the flower and the florescent orange hairs peeking through, like a kaleidoscope of tropical charisma.  Fruity flavored cannabis has always been a big hit for my taste buds, and this strain did not disappoint.  As I take another hit of this cherry lime haze, the smoke fills my lungs and is so smooth.  Maybe it was worth the extra skrilla? The taste is subtle with the fruity finish just like I like.  Sensations of elation are felt immediately, and my body is beginning to relax and cool down.  There's a slight heady, almost floaty feeling in my upper body which is slowly making its way to my toes. Hunger is setting in, but now my body wants to move, maybe a quick yoga sesh then lunch?  I would highly recommend this after morning meditation before yoga practice or working out.  This strain will give you creative energy and make you hungry.  My body is ready to eat some warming, wholesome, nourishing foods - perfect for the vata (autumn) season we are entering now. 

Happy Smoking & Stay Lit Fam! 

Have you tried Cherry Lime Haze before, or even shopped at Frosted Leaf in Denver? Let us know in the comments below!