ediPure Black Cherry Gummies

Black Cherry is one of my favorite fruits.  So when we found ediPure's Tie Dye Gummies in Black Cherry flavor, we had to get some! 

The Tie Dye Gummies from ediPure are vegan, gluten free, and non-GMO, which is definitely something we were happy about.  We opted for the 500 mg bottle, which was 25 / 20 mg gummies.  The edibles had a nice flavor profile at first, but you could taste the hash oil at the end.  Worth it for these little guys though, the Tye Dye comes with 5.75% CBD and 451% THC so you'll get high and feel good too.   


I loved these as a dessert after dinner before bed. They helped me relax and promoted positive mood before sleeping soundly throughout the night.  On the weekends while we were out adventuring, we made sure to pop a couple of into our cooler for later.  

These gummies were absolutely something to come back to, and with so many different kinds of edibles offered by ediPure they have a sweet treat for everyone! 

Written by: Smokey Yogini